Flights at Alpha One

Flights at Alpha One

Introductory Flight

An introductory flight is a great, no-obligation way to start learning to fly.  With an experienced flight instructor by your side, at a safe altitude and away from the distraction of the airport, you will handle the aircraft controls and learn to perform a few basic maneuvers.  The time you spend flying will even count towards your total training hours.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Full pre-flight briefing
  • Control of the plane from taxi and take-off to landing
  • A photo with you and you “first flight” aircraft
  • A certificate with the flight time valid toward earning your pilot’s license

Introductory flights don’t need to be just for flight instruction.  If you want to relax and enjoy an airplane ride or do some sightseeing, you’re welcome to do so.  You can even bring a guest passenger!

The introductory flight duration is about 25 minutes.  If you want to enjoy a longer duration flight, then consider a “Discovery” flight instead.

Discovery Flights

Same as an introductory flight but it’s about 50 minutes long rather than 25 minutes.  Double the flight time for less than double the money!

First Lesson Packages

First Lesson Packages are designed for the beginning student.  This package provides the student with a 1 hour lesson on the ground with a CFI.  This allows the student to ask any questions they may have about the flight training experience.  From here, the student will also have a 1 hour FLIGHT LESSON!  This one hour lesson gives the student a great hands on introduction to the exciting world of flight training!  Upon completion, the student will receive a Pilots Log Book, an Alpha One Tee Shirt, and a photo of him/her self with the aircraft they just flew!

Scenic Flights

If you’d like to take pictures, we also offer scenic flights.  Depending on traffic conditions, air traffic control restrictions, the area’s noise sensitivity, and other safety-related issues, the pilot will fly over your chosen area for aerial photography.  You can even fly over your house!  The flight originates and ends in Plymouth (passengers may not be dropped off at another airport), and up to three people may fly.

Alpha One’s introductory or scenic flights make excellent gifts!  Call us now for an Appointment

Scenic Pic Edit

Above photo of Long Beach in Plymouth, MA.
One of the many breath taking views on the Plymouth Harbor Route 1 Scenic Flight.


Introductory, Discovery, and 1ST Lesson Flights

1 Passenger
2 Passengers
Introductory FlightApproximately 25 Minutes$99.00$113.00
Discovery FlightApproximately 50 Minutes$150.00$164.00
1ST Lesson Package1 Hour Ground
1 Hour Flight
(Cessna 152)
(Cessna 172 or Piper Warrior)

Scenic Flight Rates

Cost Per Person
1Plymouth Harbor30 Minutes$65.00
2North Side Cape Cod Canal & Route 145 Minutes$95.00
3South Side Cape Cod Canal, Route 1, & Route 260 Minutes$130.00
4Open RoutingAny Flight Longer Than 1 Hour$150.00 PER HOUR

*Routes description are open to deviation, (as long as kept with in scheduled time), and should clearly be defined with Pilot at time of flight.
**Cost per person, minimum 2 passengers, maximum 3.
Note:  We will honor any Photo Flight Gift certificates purchased Prior to Oct. 1st 2010.  Flight to be dispatched as scenic flight.
Scenic flights are ONLY conducted in our 4 passenger aircraft.

All Aircraft have Weight Limitations

It’s strongly advised to discuss these limitations with the scheduled pilot at the time of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How many people can I bring on board for a flight.
Answer:  Well, it depends on the total weight of the passengers + fuel on board.  In general, a 4 passenger plane can carry up to 4 average sized people including the pilot as long as the aircraft remains within weight and balance limits.

Question:  Can our Intro/Discovery/Scenic flights originate from a different airport?
Answer:  Yes, we can fly to the airport that’s most convenient for you, however you will incur an added cost (airplane time + pilot time).  Due to the FAA regulations we operate under, it is required that your flight originate and terminate at the same airport.  For example:  You and your pilot depart Plymouth(PYM), you flight must terminate in Plymouth(PYM).

Question:  Me and my passengers plus the pilot will put the ramp weight of the aircraft over Max Gross Weight.  What are my options?
Answer:  Your options are limited to: 1) Leave a passenger behind, 2) Depart with significantly less fuel on board 3) a combination of 1 and 2. 4) Take an airplane with a higher max gross weight limit.  To ensure no surprises please please please speak with your pilot to discuss your flight at least a day ahead of time.