Maintenance Department

In today’s market of aging aircraft, maintenance is one of the biggest unknowns to aircraft ownership. Here at Alpha One we use our know-how and resources to best serve your maintenance needs on time and without straining your budget. In addition to being fully trained in conventional airframes and engines we are also a certified service center for Rotax aircraft engines. We start every job with a thorough quote so that there are no unknowns throughout your inspection, repair, alteration, or service. We remain true to your quote, updating it as the work is performed.   engine (2)

Take the “Hands-on” Approach

For those owners who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, Alpha One is in a unique position to offer owner-assisted inspections. We believe that having an aircraft owner assist in his/her inspections greatly contributes to pilot proficiency by having an increased understanding of the aircraft and its systems. This practice also offers the ability for owners to manage costs by assisting and performing minor cosmetic items under the supervision of our FAA certified mechanics. By having our company roots as a flight school, it gives us a unique ability to offer benefits that other maintenance facilities lack. For example, we offer to perform your biannual flight review for FREE with an annual inspection.


Free Ferry Service

We are pleased to offer FREE ferry service of your aircraft to and from our facility in Plymouth. Simply fly your aircraft in and one of our instructors will fly with you back to your home airport, drop you off, and return with your aircraft for the scheduled maintenance. In most cases the flight review can be completed during the course of these ferry flights. We invite you to call or come in today and speak with one of our mechanics for any of your maintenance needs.

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