Dr. Bernard Durante

Owner of N344TW & N39501

bernie 206

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all the fine folks at
Alpha-1 flight school . As you know I have received most of my training at the
school and have always felt extremely privileged to have had the individual instruction
that I have received with the experienced staff of flight instructors at
Alpha-1. Their attention to detail and emphasis on safety and pilot proficiency
have been exemplary. I would especially like to thank Chris Hyldburg for all
his support of novice aviators like myself, as well as Buddy McDonald, John
Greenlaw, Giovanni Escobar and many of the other flight instructors who have
taken so much time and effort to help me in the educational process. I consider
myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly with professional
commercial pilots like Tom Somerville, Gid Fisher, Greg Borjourno, and John
Greenlaw, truly a rare privilege for novice airmen, all arranged with the help
of the Alpha – 1 staff.

I would also like to thank the mechanical department for all their attention in
maintaining the planes in such excellent mechanical condition. I never have any
concerns regarding mechanical failure when my planes are released for flight
from Mitch Buckly and the fine staff of mechanics at Alpha-1. In addition I
would like to comment that whatever logistical or administrative support I have
needed Nate, Sue, and Paul have always shown me great kindness and gone way out
of the way to make things happen . When I needed a place to hanger my plane on
extremely short notice, it only took one call to Nate LaPlante to get help with
finding a solution and that’s the way things are at Alpha-1.   The fine people of Alpha – 1 are always
there to help, no matter what your level of proficiency or your particular
problem that day.

Bernard J Durante

Reflecting On Almost A Decade Of Flying

Mark Rheault – Alpha One Renter Pilot

It is hard to believe that it has been almost ten  years since that sunny day in 2003 when I walked into Alpha One Flight Services and signed up for an introductory flight just so I could see what being a pilot  was like.  That flight was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and it instantly created a passion for what has become an extremely rewarding decade of flying. Leonardo da Vinci said it so well when he said “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”  I was hooked and I have been flying ever since.  

Brian Bush, the  same Alpha One instructor who  introduced me to the joys of flight went on to patiently guide me through the exciting process of learning to fly as I mastered  the wide variety of skills necessary to get my private pilot’s license.  Brian instilled such a sense of safety and enthusiasm for doing aviation right that I went on to complete my instrument rating with him through Alpha One.  Even in the years after getting my instrument rating I have continued to fly with Alpha One’s experienced flight instructors to help maintain proficiency while renting a wide variety of aircraft.  My current favorite Alpha One plane to fly is their Cessna 172N complete with a Garmin GNS530 Navigation package.  

Everyone I have had the pleasure of dealing with at Alpha One Flight Services over the years, including my current favorite instructor Jill Hagler, has made flying with Alpha One a joy.  They all seem to treat making it possible for me to fly as a labor of love instead of just a job and it shows in their passion.

I have a planeload of gratitude to Chris Hyldburg and his dedicated staff for the opportunity to experience our world from the seat of an airplane that I get to fly myself, something I never imagined possible, yet here I am.

Thank you Alpha One for making what once seemed only a dream a reality. 

– Mark